What a large crowd for today's cart parade - especially for this smaller (& quiet) barrier island. Bonito Drive, from Ocean Creek down to Tarpon and then north on Tarpon up to Rock Beauty - there were beach chairs lined up along the road as early as 7:30 & 8 AM when we drove down past the Tennis Club.  Actually, it was supposed to start at 9 AM but it ran a half hour late, which today with this heat & bright sunshine was punishing to all those waiting in the sun.  About 90% of the carts used the 4th of July and the red-white-and blue theme - but there were a handful of quite unique carts from 'holidays during the year' - There were 3 or 4 VERY outstanding carts.  The arts & crafts vendors were out in the beach club vicinity across from the Tennis Club & they mostly were showing jewelry & paintings with some very unique touches.  There was even a glass blower!       On the personal side - we had one of our daughters & family visiting & they rented a moped which got constant use!  (It was the last one left at the Marina rental).  We understand the marina had also run out of golf carts for rent & none were available from the other vendors as well.   The beach was crowded especially for the flyover which takes place every year here - and they were just about on-time. They flew from Edisto down to HHI and then back up north again.       The roads were fairly crowded - and the beaches were pretty used - but it sure was good to have the uncrowded kind of beach-sand space not possible in Charleston or HHI.  Didn't get to check out the golf courses, but with the weather so hot (& sunny), I just can't imagine too many folks wanted to 'bake out there' in the sun - although there was a fantastic breeze most of the day.    I live down South Tarpon & it was a great place to smell all the BBQ! Can't wait for the fireworks tonight around 9 PM - which every year have been better and better!