Rock Beauty Beach Access Re-Opens, Extra Parking Added

You may not be aware that last wkends' rain was so plentiful the Rock Beauty beach access became impassible.  Thanks to incredible coop from the Office of Coastal Resource Mgmt, the Earthworx crew spent much of today pumping the excess rainwater into the lagoon that exists to the north of the access - (we were not given permission to pump into the ocean). Thanks to some great ideas by new Board members Brad Bradley & Tina Turner, with help from Chris Assaf & Dennis Kautz -& again thanks to OCRM and labor by Jim Yeager's Earthworx team we have been able to add emergency golf cart parking right on the beach access. Enough room for 10 golf carts has been created today.
The POA is trying to add more parking to the beach access - this time to Rock Beauty - center island. We are working hard to get access to the beach for everyone.