Several ‘beaches’ now dot the eastern shore of Fripp Island. and none of them is crowded.  There is a new ‘boardwalk’ leading to the ocean at the north end and that access has become quite popular for those tourists renting at the larger oceanfront homes on the island.  Center island at Rock Beauty is the easiest to traverse because it is fairly flat and close to the Resort activities of the food court, 3 pools, restaurants & washroom facilities.  

The south end has ‘grown’ considerably over the past year.   Where there was a rock revetment 15-20’ high where the fishermen caught their flounder, spot tail, & crabs – it has accreted & is now only just a few feet below the road height.  With 30 beach accesses, there is plenty of room on the beach for all of the tourists & Fripp Island folks – and even the dogs (on leaches) are enjoying the season. At the beginning of May, our beach water temperature is presently at 74°F but by August this will surely go up to high 80’s & 90’s – so come on over and visit this gated community while the weather is PERFECT.