Our sandy beaches have started collecting our outdoor-minded tourists. We walked the beach yesterday and it was most delightful.  We even travelled down to the south end of Tarpon and found about a dozen fishermen trying their luck at low tide in the inlet.  Several others were out in their kayaks.  One young man - age 12 - (said he's been fishing since he was four), brought in two small sharks  within 15 minutes (which he let go).  He was using a chunk of bait fish and his grandfather who was going for sheepshead, redfish, spots and flounder was using shrimp.  While we were they the grandfather had caught nothing.   There is now a great sandy beach in the area where there had been a rock revetment drop-off of at least 15' - Swimming at this location is not a good idea because of the rapid drop-pfff and the swift current of the inlet. Across the way is our famous Cabana Club and Wardles' Landing Fishing Pier and Prichards Island.