Probably the hottest days of the summer - and probably the hottest Aug in many a year! We had 3 or our 4 daughters visit this Aug - one for 2 days (from Charleston), one for 5 days (from Wash, DC) and another for 8 days (from New Hope, PA/NJ).  In the end WE were needing a vacation to recuperate!  "Train" playing, plus fishing and crabbing, & nature walks, & tennis.  We were hectically busy especially with the crabbing. Also, for 2 nights here, there was an outstanding sky & meteor shower watching - and well worth the 'thrill' of setting the alarm for 1AM.  The sun was so scorching hot - sometimes between noon and 3PM it was hard to keep focused on fishing. One of the days we were able to net well over 2 dozen crabs at the south Tarpon beach - & that's after we threw back all the females and the smaller ones!  Many we just gave away to folks & the other kids watching.  They are so good when they are this fresh, NO butter is needed for dipping- & all the 'cleaning' is done outside on our dock: but it still leaves the table a little messy. You would be surprised at how efficient you can get at eating them!