The Dept of Natural Resources biologists reported that the state's sea turtle next numbers have surpassed the record high set in 2013. In fact, this is the 3rd record-setting season in the last 4 years for the loggerheads. Beginning in May, many mature females came ashore & dug holes in the sand to lay their clutches. After about 52-60 days, the juveniles emerged from these nests & crawled to the shoreline to begin their cycle anew. Many nests are still waiting to "POP" since our season started mid-May & nests were still being deposited as of 7/26.  The majority of the developed nests each produced over 100 eggs. Besides Fripp Island, there were also busy shores all around: on Hunting, Harbor, Pritchards, etc. In fact, Fripp Island is just one of the 50 beaches in SC that monitors & surveys the nests of the Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Since females reproduce around the age of 35, & usually return to the beach where they hatched to build their nests, some of todays hatchlings may be here as Mama Turtle in 2050! In a year when she is nesting, a mother may lay 4-7 nests which might be right next to each other on one beach, or on several nearby beaches.