Today - the 1st of Aug - means the tourist season is winding down here on Fripp Island - but there are still plenty of golf carts with happy vacationers zooming about.  This afternoon - at low tide, Chuck & I went down to the south Tarpon Beach. In no time we had collected enough blue crabs for our dinner again. The water was definitely warm.     Just yesterday we read in the Sunday newspapers that HHI beaches & Myrtle Beach had been inundated with jelly fish - but there were none to be found this afternoon here (we weren't looking for any either!).  We read that the jellyfish have come up with the winds & currents from Fla - but I guess they just skipped over us here on pristine Fripp Island!   Speaking of currents, we read in Bluffton Today that this has been a busy summer for ocean rescues in the Myrtle Beach area, apparently because the hot weather is bringing more swimmers to the beach in a season plagued by rip currents. According to Paul Gayes of Coastal Carlina Univ, the rip currents may have to do with storms last fall building offshore sandbars. "When water punches through the bars, it creates rip currents which pull swimmers out to sea." This could be true - but our suggestion is to NEVER go swimming alone and don't go out beyond your capability.  Every day is fun here - ENJOY!