End of May-Beginning of June is when officially our hurricane season starts and this year (although there was one in Jan) it came toward our Fripp Island, Beaufort County, barrier island.  Some rip tides were reported and everyone was warned to stay out of the ocean.  Our Memorial Day weekend had just begun and so therefore we entertained more than our usual May beach goers.  The water temp was 74 degrees and very tempting - and of course, some of the beach walkers wanted to try out our private beach.  Luckily, it took a bath with landfall actually just south of Charleston -but by then it had diminished to 35-40 mph.   Our biggest problem was a lot of rain for 2-3 days and inland had some roads shut down.   Actually, out here on FI, we barely had any wind and within a few days the sun was beaming and lots of usual activities.  The most popular modus-operundi here is the golf cart and the streets have picked up a good lot of cart traffic.  There seemed to be little problems except for some puddles which were slow to diminish.